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3 Habit To Pursue Gonna Make You Live Longer

Live Longer

And if these three tips, easy to adopt, could extend our existence? In any case, that ensures what the researchers and doctors said

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating

Diet is the first of the medicines. Eating well is the key to preserving your body and avoiding many diseases.The body needs food to function well, for this reason it is advisable to vary the food in reasonable quantity (eat fruits, vegetables, sugars, fats, legumes, dairy products, meat, eggs , fish, etc.) Water is also very important to the proper functioning of the body.

Train Smart

You do not like sport? No need to run for an hour if you do not like it. A simple relaxing walk, 20 to 30 minutes in the evening is enough. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also a good start. The main thing is to move, not to be inactive all day. Dr. Chopra asks his patients to perform the type of exercise they “hate the least”. The goal is, above all, not to go “to the galleys”, but to take pleasure. Playing a sport makes you feel better in your body and releases endorphin, the happiness hormone. An easy and pleasant way (if, if) to put all the chances of his side to live longer!



a mental practice which generally consists of an attention focused on a certain object, at the level of thought (meditating a philosophical principle for example, in order to deepen its meaning), emotions, the body. In a spiritual approach it can be an exercise, even a way of realization of the Self and awakening.

recommends practicing two 15-minute meditation sessions per day and studying this practice beforehand with an experienced teacher. More widely – and for this reason meditation is a great way – it is necessary to let go, relativize, surround yourself and be positive. The cocktail for a longer life (and happier)!


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