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5 Impressive Facts Most People Not Know About Dogs

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Fact 1:

The first guide dog in the U.S. was called Buddy, a female German shepherd.Buddy has been trained upon the request of Frank Morris by Dorothy Eustis, anAmerican dog breeder living in Europe. Morris took Buddy on a publicity tourupon returning to the U.S., in order to raise awareness for the needs of blindpeople, and how guide dogs can help.

Fact 2:

In World War I, many soldiers lost their eyesight on the battlefield, where theyhad been exposed to mustard gas. Dr. Gerhard Stalling began training GermanShepherds to help guide these veterans, and opened the first guide dog school in1916. Ten year later, approximately 4,000 blind Germans had a guide dog.


Fact 3:

There’s a famous YouTube video of a dog sleeping on its side, moving its legsfrantically as if it’s running. It’s dreaming! Although all dogs dream, puppiesdream more often than adult dogs.51.Ever wondered why a dog’s nose is so wet? There are a few reasons. First, a wetnose allows them to smell better, by making a thin layer of mucus that helps toabsorb scent chemicals. Another reason why their nose is so wet is because theysimply lick it so much!

Fact 4:

Dogs are mentioned 41 times in the Bible. 32 times in the Old Testament and 9times in the New Testament. In most cases,they are not described in the friendly, positive way in which we tend to see dogsnowadays. For example, in Kings, the prophet Elijah prophesizes that Ahab’swife Jezebel will be eaten by dogs after falling from the palace window.

Fact 5:

The actor Josh Hutcherson, who played Peeta in ‘The Hunger Games’, adopted aPit Bull puppy that had been at the shelter for almost four months. When itarrived, it had a broken leg and was missing two toes. Luckily, he got surgerybefore Hutcherson brought him home. The puppy’s name is Driver, after themain character in the 2011 movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling.


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