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5 Tips Help You Quit Addiction



  1. Exercise to relax and sleep better
  2. Traveling, changing air, leaving your little world
  3. Learn to manage stress
  4. Invest in your work
  5. Ask for help from professionals

Exercise to relax and sleep better

Among the pleasures found, sport can bring a lot.

If Erwan managed to stop smoking by finding a job that suited him, he also relied on an intensive sport practice: “Sports at the end of the day, it tired and helps to sleep. The big problem for the addicted person is that, very often, cannabis helps him fall asleep, and sport is a great substitute!

This is not complementary with the fumette. When we end a bodybuilding session for example, we are not going to smoke a joint and destroy all the work that we have just done. We put ourselves in a positive dynamic of self-control and action. “

Traveling, changing air, leaving your little world

To avoid the company of your group of friends smoking, an interesting solution may be, if you have the opportunity, to go abroad. In addition to opening up new horizons, it may be easier for you to create new benchmarks, far from your smoking habits.

Whether it is in the context of an internship, a small job or a year of study, it is often an interesting solution. Victor went on an adventure in Mexico: “When you leave your little world, you need to have your whole mind, you feel less comfortable, you can not afford to smoke when we are alone and in a world so new and unknown, it is true that it is an easy drug to find, but I am convinced that being abroad can help to get away from it. “

For some, hiking in the mountains via sports organizations, can be an idea. If you want to feel useful while taking off, why not embark on a humanitarian project? Going out for a few weeks, helping with the construction of a school, a well or a clinic, giving English or French lessons, can allow you to disconnect from your usual surroundings and make you want to smoke. cannabis.

Learn to manage stress

One of the peculiarities of weaning may be to reveal certain tensions, nervousness, and sometimes even a form of aggression. You may also feel sad and have a disturbed sleep.

Doctors remind that this passing state is not surprising. “Do not worry, the Inpes guide notes, this is the normal process of eliminating the product in the body, your body will soon find a balance.”

You have to learn how to manage your stress differently. For example, one can use sophrology techniques or psycho-sensory methods such as the Vittoz method. Some books also help to better understand the phenomena of addiction, stress and anxiety: for example, that of Allan Carr. about smoking but can also help get rid of cannabis. Doing a manual activity (why not mandalas?) Can also help restore calm.

Others experiment with more or less success according to the personalities, methods resulting from the soft medicines such as acupuncture or hypnosis. To facilitate sleep and decompression, you can also take a bath with why not a few drops of relaxing essential oils such as lavender or orange (to be mixed beforehand with a dispersant).

Invest in your work

Sometimes investing in your studies, work or training can boost you and motivate you to stop.

That’s what happened to Erwan, 33, artistic director: “When I took a new job 6 years ago, I felt very quickly in my place, I felt like I was on my way, the fumette became contradictory with my daily life and the need to be 200% in what I was doing.When smoking, I was less creative, while I needed constantly new ideas. also slow when I had to have a lot of energy to be effective.It is wrong to say that cannabis would help to focus!

To need to feel in full possession of one’s intellectual abilities, having to bend to a new schedule can help to stop … and also to invest more in one’s work.

Ask for help from professionals

It happens that, despite all your efforts, you rechutiez. If it remains punctual and you feel that the addiction is moving away, hang in there. You may also need help.

You can talk to your doctor, who will give you advice. “I told my doctor about giving me a punctual treatment of anxiety,” says Emma, ​​”I had to go abroad with my parents and my little sister, so no way to smoke!” took a very small dose of a mild anxiolytic before sleeping for a short month and it worked, I was able to sleep more easily, then I stopped without a problem. “

Be careful, however, not to replace one addiction with another! Remember that anxiolytics can cause addictions and that they should always be under the supervision of a health professional.

Sometimes it is necessary to think about the deeper causes that drive you to smoke. There are several places where we can help: Young Consumer Consultations offer young users and their parents (hosted together or separately), listening, support, help and advice.
The website of the Mildeca (Interministerial Mission for the fight against drugs and addictive behaviors) also lists the Young Health Spaces, the Houses of Adolescents, the Youth Listening Points which it draws mapping in France.

Just find the one closest to you. If you prefer to remain anonymous, telephone platforms can also advise you such as Drugs Info Service or Le Fil Santé Jeune. You will find a caring listening and many tips. Above all, do not hesitate to enjoy it.


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