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9 Greatest Cat breeds for Kids

Cat Races for Kids
Cat Races for Kids

The cat can bring a lot to a child. When the child is small, the cat is the family’s cat, you have to wait until it is mature enough to have its own cat. The feline is quite independent and temperamental, in general, some breeds are more suitable than others for children.

An animal is not a toy

It is common for a child to ask to own an animal. This is a proposal that requires reflection. It is true that for the emotional development of the child, the animal is very important. Which animal to choose? The choice is quickly made, if we eliminate all the animals that live at night, those that have to be taken out in all weathers, all that remains are fish, terrarium animals, birds or cats.

If the child is looking for a certain company with an animal, then it is to the cat that he will turn.

Depending on his age, the cat will be the family’s cat, he will of course be able to play with him, but he will not be given the responsibility to change his crate and feed him.

For a cat to be recognized as a purebred cat, it must have a pedigree, issued by a recognized Book of Origin. A kitten born to two parents of different breeds will not be recognized as a pedigree free breed cat. We will then say that it is a “typed” alley cat (or house cat) (for example a Siamese type) or an appearance cat (for example a Mau-Egyptian Mau cat)

1 – Somali

Somali cat race
Somali cat race
  • United States
  • 2.5 to 4 kg

The character of the abyssinian, its ancestor and a half-long to long hair with a plume tail. It has the same elegance as the abyssinian, the same games, the same character, only its look changes. Somali people hate loneliness, they like to play, bring back things and they are very cuddly. He hardly meows, but he knows how to make himself understood.

2 – Angora turc

Angora turc cat race
Angora turc cat race
  • Turkey
  • 3 to 4 kg

The Turkish Angora is a breed of semi-longhair cats from Turkey . This cat is characterized by its very silky semi-long-haired coat without undercoats, and a slender, slender silhouette that places it in the category of foreign cats such as the abyssinian or Russian blue. A very old breed of cat, the Turkish angora is at the origin of all the long-haired (Persian) and semi-long-haired (Norwegian, maine coon, etc.) breeds present in Europe and America.

The Turkish angora is a loving, curious, lively and intelligent cat. He remains a player all his life and is appreciated by children and people who are looking for the company of a loving cat. A sportsman, he is an excellent hunter who only needs to be solicited. He likes to hide in the smallest corners of the house or apartment, perch on high furniture to observe the activities of the house, or sit on the shoulders of his master. He will gladly come and sit in front of the computer screen to observe what his master is doing, stare straight into his eyes to get his attention, or perch to watch you take a shower.

3 – Thaï

Thaï cat race
Thaï cat race
  • Thailand
  • 4 to 5 kg (♂)
    3 to 3.5 kg (♀)

Thai is a cat breed originating from Thailand. This medium-sized cat is characterized by its traditional or old-fashioned Siamese physique.

The character of Thai is described as identical to Siamese. They would be called “dog cats”. You can walk him on a leash and he is very, very smart (you can easily teach him tricks). Very affectionate and present, the Thai, as the ancestor of the Siamese, would be a rather expressive and talkative cat, his meowing reminiscent of the human voice, knowing how to make himself understood in any situation. However, these character traits remain perfectly individual and are above all a function of the history of each cat.

4 – Tonkinois

Tonkinois cat race
Tonkinois cat race
  • Canada
  • 5 to 6 kg (♂)
    2.5 to 3.5 kg (♀)

The Tonkinese is a cat that originally came from the marriage of a Siamese and a Burmese. It is of the semi-foreign type, i.e. compact and muscular, but not heavy and stocky.

It is its short-haired variety that is best known, but the semi-long-haired Tonkinese (sometimes called Tibetan) is currently tending to develop in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

Tonkinese is a perfect compromise between Siamese and Burmesis: it is more active and more present than Burmesis, less exclusive and less talkative than Siamese. Yet he knows how to make people understand what he wants and shows infinite tenderness.

This smart kid quickly learns how to open doors, cupboards, drawers… and quickly adapts to any new situation that presents itself.

5 – Persan

Persan cat race
Persan cat race
  • Iran,United Kingdom
  • 2.3 to 6.8 kg

Why do the kids love it? Because he likes to be taken care of. He would spend hours grooming himself. Children can brush it, comb it gently. Persian seems soft, amorphous, without vigour, but this is not the case, it just takes its time to move from one room to another. It is a cat that can easily channel a slightly agitated child.

6 – Donskoy

Donskoy cat race
Donskoy cat race
  • Russia
  • 3 to 4.5 kg

The donskoy, also called Don sphynx and sphynx of the Don, Don Hairless, being originally from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The donskoy is described as a very active, affectionate and intelligent cat. They are very sociable with both humans and animals, and their lack of aggressiveness exposes them to attacks from cats or dogs coming from outside, unable to defend themselves. Lively and playful, it is very attached to its master and follows him unceasingly, like a small dog.

7 – Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat race
Abyssinian cat race
  • Asia
  • 3 to 5.5 kg

The Abyssinian, also called bunny Cat, or sometimes Aby, is a breed of cat native to Asia. This cat is characterized by a short-haired dress with a ticked tabby pattern.

The abyssinian is often described as an alert and lively cat, always seemingly in motion. It is said, however, that it is a gentle, affectionate companion with a very discreet meow. It would nevertheless be full of life and athletic, even turbulent.

However, these character traits remain perfectly individual and are a function of each cat’s history.

8 – Ragdoll

  • United States
  • Up to 6 kg (♀)
    Up to 9 kg (♂)

This cat is not a rag doll, contrary to what its name suggests, children must be made aware of it, even if it is difficult to believe sometimes. Once in the arms, the ragdoll lets go, it becomes all soft. He loves the company of children, he likes to play with them and can easily be stroked and brushed.

9 – Burmese or sacred Burma

 Burmese cat race
Burmese cat race
  • Thaïlande
  • 3 to 6 kg

It looks like a Persian with the colours of Siamese, in a lighter shade. Like many long-haired cats, he is quite slippery and calm. It is the cat that likes to come on its knees, that constantly rubs its legs. He has moments of play when he is very sharp, then calm returns. He is gentle with children.


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