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An Expense That Will Be Enough For You To Travel To Paris

Food, health, transport, leisure… the cost of living in France can be quite high, especially in Paris and large cities. It is better to prepare your budget carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises during installation.

Are you planning to travel to paris but you don’t really know how much you will spend? Of course, it all depends on the limit you set for yourself. To help you, we present here several types of budgets for each aspect of your stay.

How much does it cost for meals in Paris?

An Expense That Will Be Enough For You To Travel To Paris

On average, the French spend nearly 300 euros per month on their food. This figure may vary depending on the city where you live and your consumption. In general, the cost of living is significantly higher in Paris.

Here are the average prices of some commodities:

  • a baguette of bread:1.11 $
  • a crescent: 1.22$
  • 1 kg of pasta: 1.66$ 
  • 1 litre of milk: 1.33$
  • 6 eggs: 1.66$
  • a café in a bar or restaurant: 2.21$
  • a meal at the fast food restaurant: 7.75$
  • a meal in a restaurant: 11.07$ to 22.14$
  • a sandwich in a bakery with a drink: 5.54$ to 8.86$

Breakfast (breakfast)

If you cannot have breakfast in the hotel you have chosen, you can buy what you need in a bakery or coffee shop.

In general, it will cost you between 3 and 9$ per day and you can have your breakfast in the café.

At the hotel, depending on the standing of the hotel, it will cost between 10 and 22$ on average if it is not included.

The prices differ according to your choice. If you decide to have lunch in a chic restaurant, prices can very quickly rise to more than 37$ the menu. You will taste good French cuisine.

Advice: move away from very touristic places because you could find a restaurant offering menus at high prices with a very average quality.

Between 16 and 37$, you can find good restaurants with a good quality menu.

In general, a menu includes starter/main course/dessert but this may vary depending on the restaurant.

The prices of a menu at lunchtime can be slightly higher than those for lunch.

If you want to eat quickly to make the most of your day, you can always find food in a bakery or even in small non-tourist bars for less than 17$.

And if you feel like snacking in the afternoon, you can always buy a Viennese pastry in a bakery or take a break on the terrace of a café. This should not cost you more than 8€.

How much does it cost to be housed in Paris?


In Paris, finding a hotel is not difficult because there are so many of them. However, it is much more complicated to find one that fits your budget and expectations.

To stay in a 5-star hotel, you will need between 166.07$ and more than 885.7$ per night. These hotels are prestigious, beautiful and will give your trip a taste of luxury. The 4-star hotels are also charming and generally offer lower prices (between 70 and 221.43$ per night). Most often, all these hotels are well located within the capital.

For a reasonable price (from 55.36$ per night), you can have a quality hotel room, in beautiful charming hotels for example. This allows you to have a certain comfort without spending a fortune.

And if you want to save your money, there are simple and cheap hotels in Paris that offer a room from 33.21$ per night.

Some hotels we recommend:

  •  Hotel 5 Star: from 159.43$ per night
  • Hotel 4 Star: from 166.07$ per night
  • Hotel 3 Star : from 87.4$ per night
  • Hotel 2 Star : from 47.61$ per night

How much does it cost for transport in Paris?

your transport budget can represent a significant part of your total budget. It is important to anticipate it well. Here are some basic rates to help you prepare your transportation budget:

  • 1 litre of petrol: 1.70$ 
  • 1 self-service bicycle: prices vary according to the city
  • 1 round trip Paris-Barcelona by plane: 160$ 
  • 1 round trip from Paris to London by Eurostar: 100 to 155$

T+ tickets allow you to travel on metro lines, RER (zone 1) and Ile-de-France buses.

They are valid for a single trip (some connections are possible).

The ticket costs 2.5$ each (the booklet of 10 tickets = 17$).

There is also the Paris Visite package: it allows you to use all transport networks without restriction for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days. A 5-day package for an adult costs 41$ for zones 1 to 3, and 70$ for zones 1 to 5.

You can also choose to take a taxi. Prices vary between 16$ and 56$ (depending on distance and time of day).

The city of Paris also provides a system of self-service bicycles (Vélib’) to get around. The day ticket costs 6.5$ (the first 30 minutes are free, then an extra charge is added to the ticket price for every additional half hour).

Your leisure budget

After finding accommodation and food during the week, you will of course want to visit the City of Light. And for that, it will also be necessary to provide a certain amount of money.

Walking on the Champs-Élysées, strolling in a park, visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe are activities that you can do easily and free of charge. However, climbing the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe will cost you about 11$ per person and you will have the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, also free of charge, are magnificent buildings that you should visit if you have the time.

For the visit of museums, it is necessary to count approximately 15€ the entry. The main museums to visit are: the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum and the Quai Branly Museum. The National Museum of Natural History and everything it contains can also be an outing you will enjoy.

To change museums, the Cité des Sciences also offers excellent exhibitions. A ticket only costs 13$.

If you are fond of museums and think about making several, you can consider buying a Pass that includes the entrance fees to most museums in Paris as well as unlimited access to public transport. More information about the Paris Pass.

And if you want to get away from Paris for a day, you can always visit the Palace of Versailles or spend a day at Disneyland Paris.

Some activities:

Château de Versailles: from 19.2$
Louvre Museum (with audio guide): from 25$
Disneyland Paris: from 77$

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