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DeepNude, The Terrifying App That Can Create Fake Nudes And Undress Women

What is DeepNude?

Artificial intelligence, which undresses only female bodies, immediately triggered the controversy.

that’s what the DeepNude app prides itself on offering to people. If the concept is more of a nightmare than a dream, it actually looks sci-fi: the app allows users to “undress” women, simply with their smartphone.

With software based on artificial intelligence, the startup from Estonia creates photomontages both disturbing and frightening realism. From a photo of a dressed woman, DeepNude uses a dozen or so clichés to create a second image, this time without her clothes.

To do this, the neural networks are based on the picture of the person dressed to create a new one on which it is completely naked. Her clothes are automatically replaced by breasts and a vagina. The process only takes 30 seconds.

The software is based on pix2pix, an open-source algorithm created by the University of California in 2017. This algorithm uses antagonistic generative networks, which can be trained to generate false Deep Fakes images from data.

In the case of DeepNude, the AI ​​was trained on more than 10,000 nude female photos. That’s why the magic trick works only on women’s images. The developer explains that women’s photos are easier to find on the web, but also plans to develop a version that works on men.

Launched on June 23, 2019 on Windows and Linux, the application worked like any PC software. It was offered as a free or paid version. The free version left a watermark on the generated images. The paid version, offered for 50 dollars, was content with a registration “FAKE” at the top left of the photo.

GitHub removes all projects related to DeepNude because of its pornographic nature
The developers behind the software quickly put the source code of DeepNude online and posted it on the GitHub platform to give the device a second life, but the device does not hear it that way.

The various projects based on the DeepNude code have all been removed. GitHub confirms the news and explains that pornographic developments are prohibited on its platform and that only “non-pornographic sexual content may be part of the project, or may be presented for educational or artistic purposes”.

This decision should also reassure celebrities and politicians, who are usually the first victims of this type of technology. Removing GitHub does not mean that DeepNude will disappear from the surface of the web, but will certainly make it more difficult to find and improve.

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