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Put This Tips In Mind When You Want To Adopt A Pet

So that’s it ! It’s decided ! You really want to adopt an animal! Congratulations! It’s a good decision. Your daily life is about to change for the better (well, hopefully)! Choosing your pet is a really nice time in life. You must be so impatient! But, are you well prepared and certain to be ready?

Many people think that welcoming an animal is very simple: you buy it or adopt it, you bring it home and everything goes well.

That’s in fairy tales.

The reality can be different. It’s true, some people meet instinctively the animal that is made for them, as if something chemical or magic was happening between two beings without explanation, but it does not happen always like that. That’s why you have to be well prepared.

Some adoptions, yet full of good intentions, turn into chess because of unrealistic expectations and a lack of research before choosing the animal that suits us. In order to help you make the right choices, we have prepared a list of 10 things to consider before adopting. This article is from our Guide to Perfect Adoption.



Have you ever wondered why you want to adopt an animal? Many people acquire an animal under the influence of emotion, because it is cute or to surprise a loved one. For others, it’s the need to have a little company that motivates or the desire to provide a good home to an animal. But are these reasons really good? Even if you have the best intentions in the world, do not buy an animal without really knowing why you are doing it.

But, what is a good reason?

Take again the case of our example mentioned above. You want to surprise a loved one who loves … say the Labradors. So you give him a labrador. Do you know if this person is able to take care of this dog? Does it have the physical, emotional and financial capacities?

If you want an animal to have company, it’s not bad in itself. But it may be that the animal in question is not as warm as you would like. Even the most docile dog or cat breeds may have less sociable individuals in their ranks. Every individual is different, even within the animal world.

In any case, here are some examples of questionable reasons you might want to adopt: for your child to take responsibility, because the animal is cute or you feel sorry for him. But, Jen Daley of Pet Dog Adoption, confirms it: “If you adopt an animal motivated by the sadness it inspires you, it will feel it.”



Analyze your situation honestly. How much time can you spend per day on an animal? In fact, this is one of the most common problems for pet owners. Once this small or big creature enters your life, you will not be able to continue doing the same things regardless of your needs. Traveling on long term? Do you like to go on holiday in the sun on a whim? Even the smallest animals depend on you for their needs. While you have a hermit crab or a big dog, it will be necessary to foresee who will take care of him when you will be absent, that it is on the short or long term. And then, it’s more complex than that. It’s true that a goldfish does not need as much of your presence as a dog. But some animals really need social interaction and daily exercise. You have to think about it before welcoming them into your life.


What are your expectations ? Do you think that your dog will make you someone more sociable? Do you imagine singing with your parakeet like sailors on a festive night? Do you already see your new cat as the future sensation of the Web? Whatever your expectations, be aware that things rarely happen as we had imagined. We do not want to discourage you; you will certainly experience special moments with your new companion, but not necessarily as you had planned.


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