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The Most Loyal Pets


This is a little unfortunate story that made me want to mention in this post the faithful behavior of certain animals towards their partner. In fact, in the spring of 2014, I heard a thump in my apartment one April day and I looked for the cause without noticing anything unusual until I discovered on my terrace a turtle dove. inert that had just crashed into the bay window of my living room. I tried for half an hour to revive this bird by different methods, but in vain and I had to resolve to accept his death and give him a little burial. Meanwhile, another turtledove was fluttering around me and I realized that it must be the other member of the couple. What touches me a lot and always makes me uncomfortable is that every spring for three years, in April, a turtledove comes to rest on my terrace, despite the presence of my cat that I hasten to go home, and stay there a long time, and this, several days in a row. It is then that I read that these birds form a united couple for their life and that when the death of one of them occurs, the other remains definitively alone. But from here to keep the memory of the place of death of his or her companion, it is surprising…..The turtledoves build their nest with two, the male recovering branches that the female assembles and they seem to live a perfect happiness that can last 20 years. They incubate alternately and they share the supply for their little ones.

pigeon couple

According to published articles, a dozen animal species would respect the “monogamy” and would be faithful to their partner. Here are some examples:

monkey family

Of 300 species of primates, gibbon is among the 6% monogamous. The male and the female form an exclusive couple and to cement their couple, they search their backs for lice for long periods every day. At night they sleep on the same branch against each other. They will have three or four cubs and it is the female who is the most authoritative. To assert its territory, the couple utters a loud song and it is always the female who begins and finishes the performance.

bird couple

The inseparable, as their name suggests, need to be two and behave sadly when unaccompanied. It is one of the most faithful animals to his or her partner that he needs to be happy and once in a relationship they will not separate anymore. If one of them dies, the survivor will suffer from severe anxiety. Parakeets often react identically.

The albatross, in spite of its numerous and long displacements, will always return to the same place and with the same partner when the time of the reproduction returns. The links between male and female take years to form but are then very solid. Albatrosses have special behaviors to choose their ideal partner but once they have chosen, the relationship is infinite.

Angelfish live, travel, hunt together until one of them dies. A couple of these monogamous fish form a real team vigorously defending their territory against other couples of the same race.

A pack of wolves begins with a dominant couple and then add his cubs and then “lower” wolves. Only the dominant female can breed with the leader of the pack. The father cares for his children, integrates them in the pack and teaches them to hunt in groups and will be their protector until his death. To assert his union, the dominant couple often screams together.

Beavers are monogamous animals that will not stop being faithful unless their partner dies. Both parents work to maintain the nest and will remain united for the survival of their young. It is common for children to leave the colony in adulthood to form a new one, except in times of food shortages where they will stay with their parents for better days. And when they leave to form a new colony, they will never go far away from their parents.

the fox but add that he is monogamous and faithful and if his female dies he will never mate even if he lives surrounded by other females.

Swans are the very symbol of love when they are in courtship, in autumn, after which male and female get to know each other. The new couple goes in search of a territory to found a family. For the rest of their lives, they will find themselves in the same place to perpetuate the cycle of life. If a young male tries to rob him of his companion the swan will do everything to remove the intruder and if he succeeds he will engage with his companion at a ceremony of triumph, a particular gesture accompanied by a vocal duet. I could also evoke the fidelity of pairs of owls and vultures who stay in couples all their lives, share the maintenance of the little ones and who risk being seriously reprimanded by their conspecifics if they try to commit adultery!

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