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TOP 10 PLACES TO VISIT in turkey

TOP 10 PLACES TO VISIT in turkey

Turkey extends from Eastern Europe to Asia Minor. Culturally, it is linked to the ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city on the Bosphorus Strait, is home to the famous Hagia Sophia, with its aerial dome and Christian mosaics, the gigantic 17th-century Blue Mosque and the former sultan’s residence, Topkapı (circa 1460). Ankara is the capital of modern Turkey. Here we give you a list of 10 most beautiful cities in TURKEY.


The Turkish capital Ankara is known for being the political and cultural capital of Turkey, and entertainment activities range from parks, museums and modern shopping centers.
It is a suitable destination for family trips and there are many luxury hotels suitable for all budgets.
The museums of the world because of the valuable and important holdings, and the entrance ticket is 15 pounds, where the visitor moves between the various halls that document the history of civilizations that
Turkey has been settled from prehistoric times to the present day, with a focus on the effects of the Hittite civilization that left its mark in this rich country.
The Rahmi Kog Museum offers a new and amazing experience for museums that combine hobby, fun and culture.
500 years, and showcases the various types of machinery and equipment, industrial and electrical with the stages of development of transport, which is a favorite place for young people as it contains various
Types of cars, objects and exciting games, is also famous for the beautiful cafe in the interior lobby, which allows visitors to see the various artifacts during the
Have them tea and coffee
You can enjoy visiting and seeing the huge Kocatepe Mosque, Ankara’s largest mosque, and it seems at first glance
The first is a copy of the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul, consisting of 4 minarets and a number of large and small domes, surrounded by large numbers of popular markets
The city is home to dozens of great parks for walks like Genclik Park
A large amusement park and lake with cafeterias and cafes, with lovely walking routes and children’s playgrounds, while Dikmen Vadisi in the city center is
the most beautiful place for gathering at noon and in the quiet evening hours, as couples go to take pictures of the most beautiful weddings, stretching a distance of 2 km interspersed
Dancing fountains, trees, roses, breath-and-body trails, and a musk finish with an unforgettable shopping tour at AnkAmall Mall, the second
The largest shopping center in Turkey, featuring dozens of international brand stores with a special section for famous fast food restaurants


We will start the fairy tale of Turkish tourism from its fairy capital, also Istanbul, a city that gathers its visitor to the west and east and represents a link between Asia
And Europe, Istanbul has priceless tourist treasures, making it on the list of the most popular tourist destinations popular with travelers, and manifested
Istanbul’s beauty in the construction of the Hagia Sophia, which ranged from church to mosque to museum, to reduce the paintings and dazzling Christian paintings with the prestige of Islamic minarets
A bouquet of art that deserves to be a museum intended far and wide, to become one of the most beautiful architectural artifacts in the East.
We recommend that you stay in a hotel in the Sultanahmet area, for fun beyond, this neighborhood, described as the heart of Istanbul, has dozens of
Hotels, shops, restaurants and delicious Turkish shawarma shops, take you in its narrow paved alleys, archaeological staircases and elegant buildings to an exploration journey
For the famous landmarks of Istanbul, you can walk to the Galata Bridge or the majestic Blue Mosque with its elegant night-lit minarets, or book a hotel.
Near the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Souk for a shopping trip filled with vendor voices and bargaining noise, or to the Topkapi Palace overlooking the Golden Horn
The Sea of ​​Marmara, which had been the center of the rule of the Ottoman sultans for hundreds of years, to the Dolmabahce Palace, which is said to be the most luxurious and most expensive palaces in
the world, at a simple cost of not more than 40 TL, you can dive into the world of pomp, gold, luxurious chandeliers and decorative motifs in the sections of the Haramlik and Salamik.
The sunken palace, or basilica basin, is another kind of palace, a kind of magical underground world.
The Byzantine Justinian I attests to the greatness of the city of Istanbul, which has been ahead of the world since the dawn of civilization, where this reservoir was built to provide palaces
Today, it is a shrine to capture the most beautiful pictures of floating columns lit up at night for added admiration, and in the Beyoglu district of Taksim Square.
The famous shopping street of Istiklal Street, Istanbul’s most famous street, is surrounded by dozens of hotels, restaurants and cafes
The museum is full of ancient buildings, and is always crowded by only the historic metro that passes to remind you that you are in the city of history Istanbul


Antalya is one of the most famous places in the world of tourism and travel, and came in third place after Paris and London as one of the most popular destinations visited by millions annually
Recreational activities are varied where you enjoy nature outdoors as well as markets and closed museums, and the city features
Ancient in Antalya splendor of history and Roman ruins and ancient mosques with a magnificent view of the marina and the sea, most notably the gate of the majestic Hadrian, in addition
To dozens of shops selling artefacts and cafes with balconies overlooking the harbor.
The monuments of “Termesus” are located half an hour from the city of Antalya, one of the most important ancient archaeological cities in Turkey and was mentioned in the saga of the Iliad and Odessa.
Enter 5 TL One can take a tour around the monuments and the theater overlooking the majestic Taurus Mountains. Drinks and food must be brought for lunch
Around the monuments where there are no restaurants or shops, Duden Falls are the most beautiful natural attractions in Antalya, and can be visited by boat from the harbor,
It is surrounded by a beautiful wide garden and a convenient pier to take pictures of the waterfalls on several sides.
Antalya is also famous for its busy summer beaches, such as the rocky Konyaalti beach, which can be reached by bus, taxi or metro.
Good for walking on the beach covered with smooth pebbles, and although the beach is not suitable for swimming, it is crowded with people who want to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains
The sun, and the beach “Kabutz” is described as one of the most beautiful beaches of Turkey, and is characterized by clear turquoise waters and about 20 minutes from the city of Condo, and if
You want to escape the summer heat or the heavy rain head to the water museum in Antalya, where you can dive into the water tunnel to see hundreds of species
marine life, sharks, etc., all costing € 30, while the Archaeological Museum takes you to the world of ancient civilizations, especially statues.
Great Roman, where the tour takes about 3 hours with an entry ticket of 20 liras, there is a souvenir shop and a lovely cafe with an outdoor terrace.

4) Göreme

Göreme or Göreme, also called the Cappadocia Valley in central Turkey, is a popular tourist destination, surrounded by magic, beauty and mystery.
Also, tourism here is different from Istanbul and Antalya, there are no luxury hotels and stunning beaches, but rocks of strange and strange forms as the hotels in
Göreme is so diverse that some of them are exciting caves that provide a great overnight experience. Göreme National Park is one of the most
The area, where you can take a trip to the nature reserve at the cost of entry 20 pounds and a tour for several hours, also can camping and spend nights in the wonderful valleys,
The tour includes exploring the valley of love, the valley of the bath, the valley of the rose, and the chimneys of orcs that locals believe are the homes of the jinn and the orcs.
The garden takes you with its shapes and rock sculptures with dazzling shapes making it ideal for taking rare pictures. 8 km from Göreme city
The open museum, which houses a number of houses and churches carved rock, which was used by Christians to practice their worship away from persecution and oppression,
One of the most prominent landmarks of the museum is the so-called “Dark Church”, which includes sculptures and drawings on the walls are very impressive, and infiltrated by the dim light for more
nirvana and tranquility, and do not forget after this tour of wonders to take a trip aboard the balloon to see the Cappadocia Valley and the features of the National Park, the journey begins minutes ago
From the sunrise, each group of about 13 people at a cost of 130 euros, it is an opportunity to observe the sunrise or even sunset if you miss the morning flight,
Prepare your cameras to capture the most spectacular scenery where the rocks and the desert embrace the golden color of the sun on a heavenly journey.

5) İzmir

Izmir is located on the west coast of Turkey, and is one of the most important and largest cities in the country, and is characterized by its landmarks, hotels and crowded living markets.
Cordon Boyo is the largest family gathering center for picnics and recreation.
Overlooking the sea, it has its own bicycle and pedestrian paths and is ideal for nice summer evening hours.
The city center with luxury hotels and distinctive markets, especially shops for the processing of brides and weddings, and is located in the old bazaar or what is known as the market
Kemeralti, which includes dozens of shops that sell jewelry, accessories, vegetable markets, fish, spices and handicrafts, as well as
Dozens of restaurants spread the smell of delicious Turkish kebabs.
Close to the bazaar, the 16th-century Hasar Mosque, the largest mosque in Izmir, is a break from the bazaars of the city and the bustle of the city.
The summer heat, while the Asansor neighborhood is famous for the historic elevator dating back to 1907, which provided the trouble of climbing 155 degrees
Its top is a collection of cafes with panoramic views of the Corniche and the sea.
It is also a fun experience for families to visit the Wildlife Zoo, which includes dozens of species of animals in addition to restaurants, gardens, playgrounds and all that
The cost of entry is 3 liras

6) Bursa

Bursa is about three and a half hours south of Istanbul, and its name is said to mean the gift of God. The heart of the old city dates back to 1400.It features twenty dome decorating its roof, marble fountains and Seljuk-style décor. East, dating back to Aa 1491, the market extends over two floors,
Turkish delicacies are served, and the second floor contains dozens of shops selling scarce fabrics, silk and handicrafts.
If you want to have the most delicious Turkish breakfast, head to the Ottoman village “Kumali Kizik” which is 15 minutes away from Bursa. Its archaeological buildings date back to the 19th century. A must-do in Bursa is the cable car ride and climb to Uludag National Park, this winter snow-covered park that attracts ski lovers, while in spring and summer it turns into a green oasis for sunbathing with barbecue and seating areas,
This park is approximately 35 km from Bursa and can be reached by bus or cable car at a cost of 30 liras.

7) Marmaris

Marmaris is about two hours away from the city of Fethiye in the west, and Marmaris is described as having the most beautiful natural harbor in Turkey, where pine forests and evergreen trees surround the tranquil coast, which is colored by turquoise waters, and the harbor or marina is the most beautiful parts of the city, where luxury yachts dock along its coast, It features dozens of stylish restaurants, cafes, luxury hotels, playgrounds and children’s parks, and can be anchored by boat to other beaches of Marmaris. The Dalyan River is the most famous landmark in Marmaris, where you can take a guided cruise on a sailing boat in the delta The turquoise river that is interspersed with reed plants,
Up to the turtle beach where Creta Creta turtles lay their eggs in the warm sandy beach, passing through rock tombs or “tombs of the kings” that can be seen clearly from the river where they draw on the mountains surrounding the delta.
Finally, to enjoy a hot mud bath in one of the sulfur baths at the end of the river, Marmaris is characterized by its charming beaches and the most famous Icmeler Beach, which becomes crowded in the summer months, and is about 7 km from Marmaris and has a dark soil and long paved walkway surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels, Evening hours of music and dancing fountains in the large square in the center of the old city, transformed into a spectacular show whose heroes are colorful dancing fountains and meticulous and beautiful sculptures that increase Marmaris charm and brilliance.

8) Kemer

Kemer is about half an hour away from Antalya
It is a famous tourist attraction and busy summer, and is characterized by its charming nature and activities suitable for family trips, you can not visit Kemer without enjoying the cable car “Olympus”, which takes you from the beach to the foot of the mountain “Tahtali” ticket 25 euros, take the most beautiful pictures of the breathtaking views and views
Panoramic on the mountains, sea and sky, and on top of the mountain a group of professional photographers who take you the most beautiful shots for 12 euros per picture, and Kemer is rich in historical monuments such as the archaeological city Phaselis in the region “Tekirova” up to 2700 years old, prompting the authorities to Considered a nature reserve, a haven for those fleeing the noise of Kemer.
You can also take an adventure trip and climb to the Goynuk gully, which offers a golden opportunity to walk for several kilometers in narrow paths and rugged paths with swimming pools, lying down and enjoying a picnic barbecue. Dinosaur figures, lots of restaurants, shops and children’s toys at a cost of 25 euros.
While the York Folk Park offers a unique experience that reflects the atmosphere of Turkey’s folk and traditional heritage, a few meters away from Kemer harbor, where you can dine in heritage tents and tables on the ground decorated with delicious Turkish cuisine, all at a cost of 2 TL.

9) Trabzon

Overlooking the Black Sea coast, Trabzon is described as a paradise on earth with a beautiful landscape and a beautiful masterpiece.
It is also a popular destination for the Arab tourist because of its tranquility and distance from congestion and bustle in addition to the elegant hotels Trabzon suitable for all budgets, and the Monastery of Sumela or Monastery of the Rock is one of the most impressive monuments in Turkey, and about an hour and a half from Trabzon, during which the traveler enjoys very good views On the dense forests surrounding the mountains, down to the monastery on a 1,200-meter-high mountain, it requires a lot of climbing and walking up to the top for breathtaking panoramic views.
Trabzon is a city that takes visitors to high levels of tourism, where tea or shisha from the highest elevation becomes Boztepe an experience immortalized in the memory of the tourist, this place where people especially especially in the hot summer days to enjoy a view of the coast of Trabzon and houses that flirt with the sun at sunset,
The lake “Uzungol” is an elaborate painting whose visitors can only awaken his wonder and wonder of the magnificence of what he sees, the lake is about 100 km from Trabzon and is ideal for camping and overnight in wooden huts around the lake, and enjoy delicious fish dishes in the seafood restaurants scattered in the place,
Museum lovers have a great trip to the Hagia Sophia Museum, which receives guests for free and offers a beautiful garden to take pictures. Modern 3-storey building with full restaurant floor, featuring world-class clothing at unbeatable prices in Turkey.

10) Bodrum

Bodrum city is located in the south-west of Turkey, about 162 km from the city of Marmaris, and Bodrum has the charm of its quiet homes overlooking the picturesque turquoise sea, and is a popular destination for hotels and luxury resorts for a beach holiday par excellence. The city, which overlooks the harbor with its perfect photo-taking towers, and at a cost of 25 euros, you can take a tour of the internal museum and the castle walls overlooking the sea,
The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology is one of the most famous and most beautiful museums in the world specialized in displaying marine archeology and shipwrecks.The museum is located in the 15th century Bodrum Castle, and includes a selection of handmade boats and boats, as well as the wreckage of 3 ancient historical ships, all at a cost Entry of 10 euros, the Bodrum harbor boasts the splendid shops, shops, cafes and nice restaurants surrounding it. It features dozens of modern yachts and wooden boats, while Bitez Beach is the city’s most famous beach. It features colorful sofas and pillows instead of chairs for added relaxation and comfort.
Surrounded by many Bodrum hotels as well as restaurants and cafes with a refreshing view, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Bodrum Central Market, which is open on Thursday evening and all Friday, and is located in the center of the city, where crowded with shoppers who wander to see various local textiles, in addition to large shops for vegetables, fruits and spices and all What a pleasure.

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