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Travel Under Limited Budget Cheapest Countries

Travel Under Limited Budget Cheapest Countries
Travel Under Limited Budget Cheapest Countries

Many of you are asking me for advice on how to find a cheap country to go on holiday in Europe. That’s why we have gathered all our advice on this site, for those who want to learn how to travel in Europe, as part of the preparation of a tour of Europe or during a weekend with friends or as a couple.

There is never a shortage of ideas for travel, but our holiday budget does not always allow us to go where we want. Nevertheless, whatever your means, you can always enjoy yourself by choosing your destination carefully.

I have classified these countries by geographical area. I have not mentioned here the countries where security is a real problem. I am referring in particular to countries in the throes of civil war.

I have not taken into account here the price of the flight ticket to get to my destination. It can make a difference, you have to know that.

For example, an air ticket to South America is much more expensive than a ticket to Thailand, for example.

Similarly, I have not taken into account here the additional costs on the spot, in particular travel or expatriate insurance, which represents the most important additional expenditure item.

– Africa

Africa is a continent that covers 6% of the Earth’s surface and 20% of the land surface. Its surface area is 30,415,873 km2 with the islands, making it the third largest in the world if we include America as a single continent. With more than 1.2 billion inhabitants, Africa is the second most populous continent after Asia and represents 16.4% of the world’s population in 2016. The continent is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Africa is crossed, almost in its middle, by the equator and has several climates: hot and humid as close as possible to the equator, tropical in the regions between the equator and the tropics, hot and arid around the tropics, temperate in the high altitude areas. The continent is characterized by a lack of regular rainfall. In the absence of glaciers or mountainous aquifer systems, there is no natural way to regulate the climate except for the coasts. Arid lands represent 60% of its territory. Its environment is nevertheless very rich – it is called the “biodiversity paradise” – and the continent hosts the second largest continuous forest massif on the planet, the Congo Basin Forest, but this environment is threatened by deforestation and the loss of biodiversity as a result of climate change and human pressure.


I spent more than a month in this country. A delight!

First of all, it is a major destination: Mayan culture, beaches, natural parks, colonial cities, volcanoes, Mayan temples and sites, etc.

Then it’s a really cheap country! One of the cheapest countries in the world.

Between transport, food and accommodation, it is possible to spend only 15 euros per day. It’s certified!

Another example: I was taking Spanish classes for 2 euros an hour. A price that defies all competition and shows you the potential of this country for low-budget travellers.


This country is not very far from Guatemala in terms of price. These are two countries that are quite similar in terms of this criterion.

Personally, I found this country less interesting than Guatemala, which keeps my preferences.

Finally, Nicaragua still has some attractions such as the island of Ometepe or the island of Corn, to name but two.


Less known than its neighbours, it is also possible to travel in this country for less than €20 per day. A country off the beaten track, unknown, except for the Maya site in Copan.

Even if you go to the Bahia Islands, tourist, the prices are low. For diving, it’s a great cheap destination. And there’s a lot to see, including whale sharks. If you take your PADI there, some clubs offer you accommodation with it!

On the other hand, Belize is a rather expensive destination. If you have a small budget, avoid this country.

The same goes for Costa Rica.


A beautiful English-speaking destination in West Africa! Between the colonial forts of the Gold Coast and the nature parks, Ghana has arguments to make.

How much money will you need in Ghana? GH¢41 ($7.44) is the average daily price for traveling in Ghana. The average price of meals in Ghana for one day is GH¢14 ($2.52). The average price of a hotel in Ghana for a couple is GH¢26 ($4.69). Additional pricing is in the table below. These average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.


A first-class tourist destination!

I have a friend who returns there very often, so much he has fallen under the spell of this island continent.

There is so much to see….

Price examples in Madagascar:

Large water bottle: 0.50 euro.

Meals: 1.50 bones.

Minimum taxi ride: 2 euros.

Overnight in a hotel: from 6 euros


Asia is one of the seven continents or part of the supercontinents of Eurasia or Afro-Eurasia on Earth. With 43,810,582 km2 of land and 4.3 billion people2, Asia is the largest continent (8.6% of the total land area or 29.4% of the land surface) and the most populous (about 60% of the world population). Asia is more of a cultural concept than a homogeneous physical entity.

This continent is home to the world’s highest peak, Everest, which rises to 8,848 metres, and the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, which is 828 metres high, as well as the farthest land surface from any ocean, located 2,648 km from the nearest coast, northwest of China


A first-class tourist destination!

I have a friend who returns there very often, so much he has fallen under the spell of this island continent.

There is so much to see….

Price examples in Madagascar:

Large water bottle: 0.50 euro.

Meals: 1.50 bones.

Minimum taxi ride: 2 euros.

Overnight in a hotel: from 6 euros


I had fallen under the spell of this country. Generous nature, kindness of its inhabitants, it is really a destination that I advise you to visit!

Besides, traveling there is really cheap.

Prices are very similar to those in Cambodia

This neighbouring country of Laos is also a cheap country, one of the cheapest in Asia and the world. I’d put it on the same level. Although a little more touristic, it may be a little more expensive.

Don’t worry, here too, it is possible to live on less than 20 euros a day! Especially in the less touristy provinces of the East, for example.

The land of smiles may hold you back. This was the case for me, I had been there for two months.


This immense country is a paradise for the traveller. Thousands of islands, first-rate sites and really low prices.

I remember a German man I met on the island of Pula Weh telling me he lived there on a budget of 7 euros a day!

Certainly, he was not doing anything crazy. However, this budget covered a cabin with all the comforts and meals. All this with a view from his room over a magnificent bay


I spent three months in India in 2009. For me, India is really the journey with a big V! Another world… Everything is stronger, more intense.

For the cost of living, it’s a really cheap country to travel to!

If you have a slow pace and you stay mainly in the countryside, you can travel there with only 10 euros a day!

Some examples of prices:

Small bottle of water: 0.20 euros.

Meals: 2.3 euros.

Minimum taxi ride: 0.50 euros.

Hotel night: 3 euros.

– Europe

Europe is considered politically as a continent or geographically as a part of the supercontinents of Eurasia and Afro-Eurasia. It is sometimes called the “Old Continent”, as opposed to the “New World” (America). On the cultural level, Europe has received multiple influences over the ages, and includes many countries with a common heritage, linguistic, religious and historical differences, and recent contributions since globalisation. As such, Europe is a space of civilisation forged by a thousand-year history. A community of peoples, of different States, tends to form politically with the European Union. Its inhabitants are Europeans.

Europe, and more particularly the Greco-Roman civilization, is the cradle of Western civilization. Between the 16th and 20th centuries, several European nations controlled and colonized the entire American continent, almost all of Africa, Oceania and large parts of Asia on several occasions. Europe is also at the origin of several major historical upheavals, such as the Renaissance, the great discoveries, the Age of Enlightenment, the industrial revolution or the world wars.


Zagreb is a pleasant surprise. The capital of the newest member country of the Union is entirely in the colours of the European flag, full of enthusiasm for EU membership.

If the tourist attractions are limited, one appreciates the many markets and the visit of the districts inherited from communism. The food is good, the bars and clubs are full.

One of the cheapest countries in Europe, certainly!

Crimea is for me one of the nicest places by far.

Price examples:

Small bottle of water: 0.32 euros.

Meals: 3.50 euros.

Minimum taxi ride: 1.50 euro.

Hotel night: 4 euros.

If you want to be closer, you also have Romania, one of my favourite destinations in Europe. A little more expensive, however.

But it’s worth it!

Here is for this short guide on the cheapest countries in the world.

Whether you want to travel or live there, there is something for everyone!


“Always growing, never aging”, the Bulgarian capital is at the crossroads of multiple cultural influences. Beyond the Alexandre Nevski Cathedral, the Sainte-Sophie church and the open-air hot springs, it is above all the student district that makes its mark.

Some travellers return mixed due to the lack of tourist sites to visit. It is also worth noting the rarity and cost of flights to Bulgaria, even with low-cost airlines from Paris-Beauvais . Nevertheless, Sofia seems to be the place to be if you want to travel cheaply while enjoying life on the spot, with many bars, restaurants and clubs.


  Accommodation Food Transportation Attractions Average Daily Cost
Backpacker $10 $10 $10 $10 $40
Mid Range $25 $20 $15 $15 $75
Luxury $45 $35 $25 $30 $135

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