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why you should adopt a cat better than dogs

cat better than dogs

The cat has a special relationship with the human being. It is often said that he is independent. But the cat is able to give a soul to your home and make it much more alive than it already is. If you need a companion but are unsure of a cat, then here are the 10 reasons to help you adopt a cat!

1. A cat is hug … when he wants it.

When the desire takes him, between two meals, the cat will snuggle against you and ask to be caressed. Enjoy it at that time, if you do it right, it will come back more often.

2. It’s also a source of inspiration

The cat is a model of life. The paroxysm of serenity. It’s not that he does not understand. He just does not care, because it does not matter. Observe them as they stay fixed in front of the landscape. You will see that in the end they may be right to act like that.

3. If you are bored, a cat will allow you to kill time

Indeed, although he does not need you to play. You can always try to participate in the fun. If he accepts, you will be able to spend time occupying him, and it’s never a waste of time.

4. It’s clean

A cat cleans itself, and goes to bed if you taught him. Clearly, you do not necessarily need to clean it. And you do not need to take it out! The only thing you can find is leftover tapestry and hair.

5. This allows you to hunt rodents from your home!

Do you have mice or rats at home? You need a cat. Felines are hunters and have a predatory instinct. If they hunt, it is to keep their natural instinct sharp. If he brings you a mouse it’s just a gift, because he thinks you do not know how to hunt and that he has to feed you as a member of his family. Accept this offering, but do not eat it.

6. It is silent

Unlike the dog the cat does not bark. However, he meows when he is hungry, when he wants to go out or return. These are the only times you will hear it.

7. A cat is a presence

A cat is also a companion who will animate your home, actively or passively. When your cat is sitting on the chair next to you, you feel his presence and it’s always reassuring. So if you feel lonely, take a cat, or two, or three.

8. Cat purrs are good for your health!

This has been scientifically proven, the purring of your cat has therapeutic virtues. Their purrs have relaxing effects similar to meditation. As much for the cat as for the human. This sound helps recovery and is triggered during an intense emotion. That’s why cats who are bad in points and very happy can purr.
A purr = a difficult moment in less!

9. It’s a less big investment than a dog

Whether in terms of money or time, a cat represents a smaller investment. According to a study carried out by Wamiz (specialized site), the average expenditure per year of a person for his cat is 600 € against 800 € for his dog. In addition, a cat can take care of itself, if you do not have the time to take care of it for an evening or two. He will not blame you, on the contrary he will look at you with a haughty air.

10. And ESPECIALLY, it’s always full of surprises

Cats have the ability to always surprise us, whether by their reactions, or by their quarter of hours of madness. This is also why it is the number 1 GIF (animated image) and videos on the Internet.
Take a cat, add him a cute side and a little madness and you will have a cat. Shoot everything at the right time and you’ll have a video that Buzz.


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